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Medication May Help Support
Those Who Want to Stop Drinking


Below is a button to a brief questionnaire that can help you assess if your alcohol consumption has reached unhealthy levels. If you score higher than 15 on this assessment, it may be time to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

medication for alcohol dependence

What can I expect when I schedule an appointment?

We’ll review medical evaluation results and have a conversation about the negative effects and consequences that drinking can have on your overall mental and physical health.

Our discussion could result in an outline of a diagnosis of alcohol dependence and recommendations for abstinence from consumption. If the patient is a candidate for a medication that will support overcoming alcohol dependency, the clinician will provide information regarding the medication and adherence strategies.  The clinician then will also encourage the participation in local mutual support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

In the follow-up visits, the clinician will assess the current drinking levels, overall function, medication adherence, and any side effects from the medication.

Disclaimer: There is not a one size fits all method for curbing alcohol dependence and additional treatment may be necessary. There are currently only three FDA-approved medications for alcoholism treatment, so therapy programs or support groups combined with medication are recommended for more effective results. If you have questions about what LT Men’s Clinic to do to help you during your process, please contact our office by calling (817) 330-6875.