LT Men’s Clinic gives you therapy options based on your diagnosis and  your schedule. Some treatments last longer and cut down on the amount of office visits required. We believe in one-on-one care and will work with you to determine which of the treatments is best for you and your lifestyle. First, we’ll schedule an initial visit to discuss symptoms and possibly conduct a low testosterone test. Once you’re diagnosed, we’ll talk to you about the different low T treatments available (pellets, injections and creams). Throughout your therapy, we’ll monitor you and your testosterone levels carefully with follow-up appointments that take less than 15 minutes.

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Testosterone pellets are different from other forms of testosterone replacement therapy as they do not require daily applications or frequent injections into the muscle. Additionally, pellets are administered in-office every 3–6 months. A simple call can determine if you qualify for testosterone pellets.

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We will determine the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) dosage needed to restore your testosterone level. The dosage is usually repeated every 7–10 days. Because injections are absorbed quickly, you will probably experience a peak immediately following your dosage and then feel that peak progressively wear off over the next several days.

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Testosterone cream is usually applied once every 24 hours and is often rubbed into the shoulders, upper arms, or thighs. Testosterone cream works by direct absorption through the skin. Once the cream enters the blood stream, the individual’s testosterone levels are boosted for several hours. The cream enters the bloodstream rapidly and is effective almost immediately.