Reasons why injections may be a good fit for you:


  • You may feel the effects immediately
  • Can adjust dosage as necessary


Reasons why you may prefer other forms of testosterone replacement therapy:


  • Must be performed by a health care provider
  • Will experience a peak after the injection, but you may also feel it wear off


About Testosterone Injections


One of the reasons that testosterone injections are so common and effective is that the dosage can be altered as necessary throughout your treatment (this option isn’t available in other forms of therapy, such as pellets). Follow-up visits are scheduled every 7–10 days. These shots must be administered in our office by your health care provider. Although some clinics offer a self-administering injection option, we believe that treatment is safer and more effective when your results and dosages are monitored by trained and experienced personnel.


Testosterone injections are administered directly into your muscle. Common injection sites include the upper thigh, the deltoid, and the buttocks. Once you receive the injection, you will probably experience a spike in testosterone that will gradually wear off over the next several days before your next follow-up visit. These highs and lows are one of the downsides to this form of testosterone replacement therapy. Although other methods can deliver a steadier amount of testosterone throughout the treatment, they also don’t have that initial jumpstart, which is one of the appealing factors of testosterone injections.


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