Reasons why creams may be a good fit for you:


  • No needles required
  • Easy to self-administer


Reasons why you may prefer other forms of testosterone replacement therapy:


  • Must be administered daily
  • Can rub off on others if you touch them before the cream has been absorbed


About Testosterone Creams


Creams are a popular form of testosterone replacement therapy for a few reasons: you can apply the cream yourself, the time between follow-up visits is longer than those who are using injections, your T levels will generally be steadier than those of men who are using injections, but you may not feel the effects of the creams as quickly.


Regarding application, you will want to apply the cream on areas of your skin that have the least amount of hair and a high amount of blood flow. Common areas include the shoulders, behind the knees, or on the inner thighs. Some men choose to apply the cream to the inner arms, but this area increases your risk of transferring the cream on someone else. The cream usually takes an hour to absorb completely—try to avoid physical activity or sexual contact during that time. You’ll need to apply the cream once a day.


Some men may experience a skin reaction to the cream. To minimize this possibility, make sure that you apply the testosterone cream on clean, unbroken skin. There’s also the risk of transferring the cream to others. Women or children who come in contact with the cream may experience side effects, but contact with the cream is especially dangerous for pregnant women.


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