Can Eating Out Increase Your Chance of Hormonal Imbalance?

Can Eating Out Increase Your Chance of Hormonal Imbalance?

For many Americans, eating out is a simple part of their routine. Whether it means grabbing a quick sandwich to-go on a busy lunch hour, or planning a special night out with a significant other—eating out at restaurants has become very common. While many people have heard about the health warnings of eating out too much, such as potential issues with diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, what many people don’t realize is that other possible risks can come with eating out too much.

In fact, according to one new study, which is published in Environmental International, eating out may not just be bad for your waistline, it can have an impact on your hormones as well.

According to the study, a group of chemicals known as phthalates may be to blame for hormonal imbalances in people who eat out too often. These chemicals are commonly used in food packaging and in the materials used in food processing. They are typically added to plastics to help make them more durable, flexible and transparent.

These chemicals are extremely common, and when ingested, even in a small amount, they are thought to disrupt hormones in the body. These phthalates have the potential to interfere with metabolic processes, and they may even be linked to obesity. While more research is still needed, this particular study found that individuals who eat the highest quantities of fast food, tend to have 40% higher levels of phthalate levels in the body when compared to those who eat fast food less often.

As for individuals who eat in restaurants, cafeterias, and fast food establishments, their phthalate levels were almost 35% higher than those who mostly eat food purchased from the grocery store. Adolescents who regularly eat out seem to be impacted even more, with their phthalate levels being 55% higher than individuals who eat at home. Some of the biggest culprits are cheeseburgers and other sandwiches, which seem to have the most significant impact on phthalate levels.

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