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Hair Loss? PRP Might Be Your Solution

There is nothing as frustrating as facing premature hair loss as you age. For many people, their hair is part of their identity and can help with their overall image and feelings of confidence. And when that hair starts to thin and fall out, it can feel devastating.

While some people think that hair loss is part of aging, it isn’t that simple. In many situations, there are other factors that come into play when it comes to thinning hair or hair loss.

While hair loss can be difficult to handle, the good news is, there are some treatment options out there who can help treat hair loss. One of the most promising and revolutionary of these treatments is known as Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP.

This treatment can be used by a medical professional to accelerate healing in various areas of the body. More specifically, this treatment may help restore real hair growth. PRP is most commonly used in patients who struggle with hair loss from a condition known as androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness.

With this condition, hair follicles will actually start to shrink, and it can lead to thin or patchy areas of hair on the head. While PRP is relatively new, there is a lot of promising evidence on this treatment and many satisfied patients who get real results with PRP treatments.

Here’s how it works:

  • A medical professional will take a blood sample and put it into a machine called a centrifuge.
  • This machine spins and separates components of the blood to get the platelets out. Platelets are responsible for promoting healing.
  • The platelets from your own body will then be injected into areas where you are experiencing balding or thinning hair.

This treatment will work if your hair loss comes from damage to the hair follicles and will accelerate healing in these areas so that you can regain natural, healthy-looking hair growth. The PRP will have a number of proteins in it to speed up tissue repair and help your hair grow back.

PRP truly can help with your thinning hair or male patterned baldness. All you need to do is visit a medical professional to discuss your options and determine if PRP is for you.

If you have questions about hair loss, or any hormonal issues, make sure to schedule and appointment with us here at LT Men’s Clinic. You can contact us directly at (817) 369-3605 to make an appointment and discuss PRP so we can determine if this treatment is the right option for you.