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How Long Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Take to Work?

As we start to age, our bodies go through a number of significant changes. One of the most notable changes has to do with your hormones. Both men and women start to experience hormonal fluctuations while they age, and these changes can have anyone feeling all out of sorts. At times, adults may not realize the issues they are experiencing are directly related to these hormonal changes.

The good news is, there have been notable medical advancements that can help combat these changes. More specifically, there is bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT). This treatment offers a proven solution for changing hormone levels so that any adult going through these changes can get back to feeling like themselves.

So, what exactly are bioidentical hormone therapy treatments?  

These hormones are designed to restore a healthy balance to the natural chemical levels in your body.  This treatment is minimally invasive. A healthcare professional will insert a small hormone pellet into the skin typically near the hip or glutes. The goal of these pellets is to supply the body with the hormones that it is not producing enough of so you can regain a normal state of hormone balance.

The BHRT process is quick, simple and recovery is usually very short. You may experience a little tenderness or slight bruising in the area, but you should be able to return to all normal activities within a week of your hormone therapy treatment.

How Long Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Take to Work?

This is perhaps the number one question we get about bioidentical hormone treatment therapy. Most patients report that they feel the benefits between one to three days after treatment. It can depend on the individual and on the type of symptoms you were experiencing.

For most people, you can expect your hormone therapy to work between one and two weeks after treatment. It is also important to make sure that you are maintaining healthy lifestyle, as it will only help the effects of this treatment.

How Long Does The Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment Last?

When you get hormone replacement therapy via pellets, you can expect them to last for approximately four months. When you get your treatment, your health care practitioner will let you know when you need to come in for your next appointment. Most people plan on getting three rounds of hormone therapy per year to retain normal hormonal balance.

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