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How to Stick to Your 2019 Weight Loss Goals

The New Year is almost upon us, which for many people means it is time to fire up those annual New Year’s resolutions. While there are many different types of resolutions that people tend to make at the turnover of the new year, there is no more popular commitment than losing weight. For the many of us today who are struggling to lose weight, there is no better time than the start of the New Year to make a real commitment to these weight loss efforts and to finally get to the healthy weight you have always wanted to be at.

Losing weight can be about more than looking and feeling younger, but it can also help you increase your overall health and lower the risk of issues like heart disease and diabetes. By losing weight and reaching an overall healthier weight, you can also enjoy better sleep and enhanced memory. All of these things are possible with healthy weight loss, and here at LT Men’s Clinic, we are ready to help you reach those goals once and for all and help you learn how to stick to your 2019 weight loss goals. We can do this through our advanced, provider-assisted weight loss program.

Here’s how we can help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

  1. We Can Help You Set Goals- We will help you set personalized goals with our healthcare professionals. We will not only help you set a goal but set a timeline to achieve that goal and your desired weight.
  2. We Will Create a Plan of Action- Goals are great, especially with New Year’s resolutions, but they are only half the battle. You not only need to have a goal, but a plan on how you are going to reach those goals. We will create a plan of action, including dietary goals, create weekly activity goals, provide healthy eating tips and meal plan.
  3. We Help With Supporting Tools- In addition to an action plan that can help you eat right and exercise, we can prescribe you with different supplements that can help you curb your appetite such as Phentermine and treatments that will help you boost your metabolism such as our slim shot or our vitamin B12 shot.
  4. We Will Keep You Focused- We know that in order to lose weight and to keep it off, you need to stay focused on your goals. We will provide ongoing support, help you track your intake and motivate you to stay on track with your efforts—assessing your progress along the way until you reach your goals.

Here at LT Men’s Clinic, we are dedicated to helping all of our patients get the help that they need to look and feel their best. To get started on your new weight loss efforts, or to ask us about the best approach to finally reaching your goals, give us a call at 817-369-3506.