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How Your Lifestyle May Be Causing Premature Hair Loss

There are many men out there who find themselves struggling with premature hair loss. Many men in their twenties, thirties, and forties suddenly start losing their hair and start balding—and it can be a very overwhelming change. While some men will lose hair on their heads simply because of genetics, some studies are now finding that lifestyle factors can cause premature hair loss.

Health and lifestyle choices are a huge contributing factor to hair loss, right behind those genetics. Here are a few lifestyle factors that may put you at risk for premature hair loss.


Chances are, you already know that smoking is bad for your health. However, if you still smoke, even with all of the research and warning out there, you may be surprised to find that it can cause early hair loss on top of everything else. Smoking will restrict your blood vessels throughout the body, and when your hair follicles don’t have a fresh blood supply, it can be challenging for your hair to grow.


If you are overweight and struggling with obesity, you may be surprised to find that those few extra pounds are causing more of an impact on your body than you think. Obesity can mess with your hormones and lessen your body’s ability to produce thyroxine and insulin. These hormonal changes can reverberate throughout your body and actually cause hair thinning or for your hair to fall out entirely.


There have been several studies that have linked stress to premature hair loss. There are actually three different types of hair loss that can be related to stress or traumatic events. If you are experiencing high-stress levels and notice patchy hair loss, you will want to visit your doctor right away. The good news about most stress-related hair loss is that it typically isn’t permanent, and if you can control your stress, you can often get healthy hair growth to return.

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