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PRP Does The Cure For Hair Loss Lie Within Our Blood?

Hair loss can be a very frustrating experience for adults of any age. There are a number of situations that can lead to adult hair loss, including specific medical conditions, but it doesn’t make the hair loss any less frustrating.

There are a number of different treatments available right now that can help with unexpected hair loss, but one of the most popular and talked about treatment is known as PRP or platelet-rich plasma. Sometimes called “vampire” treatments, PRP treatments involve taking plasma from your blood and injecting it back into the body in specific areas to help with certain ailments.

While many people use PRP in conjunction with microneedling to improve skin texture and appearance, now many people are using PRP to help with hair loss. For many years, PRP has been one of the most challenging problems in the dermatology field, but PRP can provide a real solution that can actually work to deliver results.

How to Obtain and Inject Platelet-Rich Plasma

The process of obtaining PRP involves drawing blood from the body and putting it into a centrifuge. Then it is spun in the centrifuge, which is a machine that spins at high speeds to help separate the different blood components.

After your blood is in the centrifuge, the plasma will rise to the top. Once it is separated, your healthcare provider will inject the PRP superficially into the scalp to promote healthy regeneration.

What is the Connection Between Platelets and Hair Growth?

Platelets are one of the four primary components in the blood along with white blood cells, red blood cells and plasma. Platelets are important because they promote cell growth and regeneration. They can help with wound healing and tissue regrowth.

With PRP, you are getting a very concentrated amount of platelets in your plasma. In fact, PRP is about five times more concentrated than in regular blood. With PRP treatments, once your blood has been separated, your healthcare provider will inject the PRP deep into the scalp so it can reach the bottom of the hair follicle. This will stimulate a certain group of cells called dermal papilla cells which are known to play an important role in hair growth.

If you have more questions about PRP for hair loss, what it is and if it can help you, contact the experts here at LT Men’s Clinic. We love using PRP for our patients with hair loss issues because it can really work!

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