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Signs You May Have a Winter Hormonal Imbalance

As men age, their bodies tend to naturally produce less testosterone. Once most men reach the age of 40, they not only start to produce less of this vital hormone, but they start to deal with issues related to low energy level and libidos. This is a very unfortunate phenomenon and one that has many men feeling very unlike themselves.

There is now new research indicating there may be other factors that can cause this type of drastic change in hormone levels—mainly the weather. According to one study from Baylor College of Medicine, during the cold weather months, many men start producing more estrogen and less testosterone. During this time of year, when there is less daylight and lower overall temperatures, the body can start to enter into what is known as aromatization. This is the process that converts male hormones into female hormones and can cause this imbalance in testosterone to estrogen levels.

Some men may be concerned about the drop in testosterone because this hormone helps with muscle mass, facial hair and sexual performance, but it is about more than that. There are many people who struggle with a number of symptoms due to this seasonal hormonal imbalance, and it can make many of their everyday activities quite difficult. For example, many men note that when they experience a drop in production, they can struggle with a lack of concentration, poor sex drive, low energy, sleep issues and moodiness.

This seasonal issue most commonly impacts men age 40 and older who are already struggling with their hormone production levels. Typically, the best form of treatment is to consider a type of hormone therapy that can help the body get back to its normal, balanced hormone levels.

It is important to note, that you need to make sure that this is the cause of the issue first before diving in to a hormone treatment program. The first step is to have your hormone levels checked and determine which hormones, if any, may be underproducing, and then determine if testosterone hormone treatments are the right option moving forward.

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