Testosterone Boosting Breakfast

Testosterone Boosting Breakfast Guide

Keeping your testosterone levels high is an important part of aging for any man. While a serious testosterone deficiency, or low testosterone, is best treated with hormone replacement therapies, there are things that you can do naturally every day to help boost your testosterone levels. In fact, there are things that you can do first thing in the morning to keep your testosterone levels high—all you have to do is eat a healthy breakfast.

There are several things that you can eat for breakfast that will help you boost your testosterone levels and help you maintain a healthy amount of this hormone. Here is our guide for the best healthy breakfast additions that you can incorporate into your morning routine.

  • Eggs- Eggs are a great source of protein and healthy fat. Plus, since testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol, eggs are great for boosting those testosterone levels. Make sure to leave the yolk in when you make them!
  • Veggies- Veggies for breakfast. Toss some vegetables in the pan when making your morning omelet or make up a nice green juice or vegetable smoothie to take with you on-the-go. Most veggies are going to have some of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to produce proper testosterone levels, but if you really want to help with your low testosterone, add broccoli to the mix. It has an indole-3-carbinol in it that can cut estrogen levels in half for men. Too high of estrogen can lead to low testosterone levels.
  • Grass Fed Breakfast Meats- You can have bacon, turkey bacon, chicken sausage, or sausage in the morning as a great source of protein. Just bake or pan fry in some healthy fats like coconut oil. Make sure that you buy only grass-fed organic meats as the other meats are filled with chemicals and often estrogen, which again can throw your balance off and leave you with too little testosterone in the body.
  • Coffee- Most men already drink coffee as part of their morning routine, and it is something that men should continue to enjoy in order to keep their testosterone levels in the right place. This is particularly important if you are planning on exercising after you get up and eat in the morning, as drinking caffeine can help boost testosterone and better workout results at the same time.

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