Testosterone Therapy to Increase Libido in Women

Testosterone Therapy to Increase Libido in Women

While most men know about testosterone, and how it can impact their sex drive, what many people don’t realize is just how important testosterone is for women as well. While women who have high testosterone levels can experience a number of side effects, research suggests that those who have low testosterone levels may deal with low libido.

Testosterone plays an important role in female sexual function.  While women do have less testosterone in their bodies than men, they do have a substantial amount of testosterone in their bodies. The amount of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone women produce will naturally decline while they age, especially during and after menopause.

When women stop producing as much testosterone, (which is produced in the ovaries) it can also impact their body’s ability to make estrogen as well—as the two are linked. Many studies also show that women who have higher levels of testosterone in the body experience an increased sexual desire and sexual behavior.

One of the most prominent side effects of menopause for many women is experiencing low arousal and sexual response—and many experts believe their low libido is directly related to the low amount of testosterone they produce during this phase of their lives.

So, how exactly do you determine if you have low testosterone levels?

Some women will notice a discernable drop in their libido and may suspect that low T is to blame. However, the only way to make sure it is low testosterone and not something else is to get a testosterone test. These blood tests are quick, simple, yet effective and are the first step to determine whether or not any person may have a hormonal imbalance.

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