5 Tips to Motivate Your Spouse to Get Rid of Winter Fluff

5 Tips to Motivate Your Spouse to Get Rid of Winter Fluff

Now that spring is here, most people are thinking about one thing: getting ready for swimsuit season. However, after a long winter of staying indoors and indulging in a few extra treats, it is pretty common to have a little extra “winter fluff” around the midsection. It happens to many people and getting rid of this excess fat can be annoying.

If your spouse has this extra post-winter cushion, and you want to motivate them to shed a couple pounds, it is important that you go about it the right way. Of course, you don’t want to hurt your loved one’s feelings, but you also want to make sure that they take this process seriously, so they not only look but also feel their best. Here at LT Men’s Clinic, we know this can be a delicate balance, which is why we have five helpful tips that can help you motivate your spouse to finally get rid of that winter fluff.

  1. Make Exercise Fun. Let’s be honest, weight loss is hard because weight loss isn’t fun. If you want to motivate your loved one, make exercising fun. Sign up for a race or athletic event, try fun forms of exercise like playing sports, or make working out a competition between the two of you.
  2. Do It Together. Nothing can derail someone from eating healthy quite like seeing their spouse enjoying fried food and dessert. If you want your significant other to get rid of winter fluff, get in on this new healthy lifestyle. Doing it together will not only make it easier for your spouse, but it can be a fun bonding activity and a great way to keep your spouse on track.
  3. Be a Cheerleader. It can be hard to be a cheerleader instead of a coach when your loved one is trying to lose weight. Remember to stay positive, encourage your loved one’s efforts and try not to simply tell them what to do. It is important to make sure they realize that you care about them and their health, not just the way they look.
  4. Show Them the Bigger Picture. Sure, winter fluff may be a big motivator for you to want your loved one to lose weight, but it should be about more than that. Focus more on adopting a healthy lifestyle instead of the number on the scale. Show them the big picture of how this will not only benefit their appearance but your life together as a family.
  5. Give Your Spouse a Boost with the Right Supporting Treatments. Sometimes, the right suggestion can really go a long way in helping to motivate your loved one to lose some weight. In addition to diet and exercise, sometimes additional tools and treatments can give someone that boost they need to actually see some great weight loss results. We know that appetite control is one of the hardest parts about healthy weight loss and one of the biggest struggles people have when trying to lose weight.


At LT Men’s Clinic, we can prescribe medications such as Phentermine that can help with appetite control. Together with our Slim Shots, which give a great dose of Vitamin B12 and help support a healthy metabolism and energy, your loved one can start seeing results faster and easier than they ever thought possible—which can be a great motivator.

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