5 Ways Older Men Can Build Muscle

5 Ways Older Men Can Build Muscle

Many men think that the only time they can get lean and build muscle is in their 20s. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build muscle and get stronger and more toned later on in life, as an older adult. If you are looking to build muscle in your 40s and 50s, you can still get excellent results; you just need to know the right approach to take.

Here are five real tips for how older men can build muscle and get the results they have always wanted.

  1. Lifting Less

It may sound pretty counter-intuitive to building muscle at an older age, but lifting less can actually help you do more. You can’t put your body through the same type of stress that you did when you were younger. This puts you at risk for burning yourself out—which can have a significant impact on your progress. Try using moderate weights at moderate volumes. Don’t max out your weight or your reps and don’t try to lift every single day. Moderation is a much easier way to see results.

  1. Don’t Forget About Form

Proper form is essential for lifting, so you don’t hurt yourself. It is essential that every rep you do helps deliver results. Good form is necessary even if you have to lower the amount you are lifting significantly. Improper form won’t give you results, no matter how much weight you add and you really won’t build muscle if you hurt yourself in the process.

  1. Take Some Time Off

We’ve already talked about moderation when it comes to seeing results, especially when it comes to volume and intensity of your lifts. You should also plan on taking a few days off per week. With age comes taking bigger breaks. Overtraining is a serious matter and one that can result in aches and pains, difficulty sleeping and reduced energy. These will all get in the way of your results.

  1. Try Resistance Training

Adding resistance bands along to your weighted workouts is a great way to get more definition in your muscles and to see better results in your muscles. The great part about resistance band training is that it can still help with lean muscles, but it doesn’t put as much pressure on your body as heavyweights do.

  1. Don’t Forget About Eating Right

If you are lifting all of the time and aren’t seeing the results that you want, then your diet may be to blame. Replace your current diet with one that is filled with healthy fats and lots of lean proteins. It will help with your recovery and will help you get better results. You may be surprised by how quickly you can get over a plateau just by changing up your diet.

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