6 Things Women Should Know About Male Hormones

6 Things Women Should Know About Male Hormones

There is a lot of information out there about female hormones—and all of the changes and fluctuations that women tend to go through with their hormones. However, men also have just as many hormones and experience just as many changes with their hormones—and many times their female counterparts know very little about these hormones and what hormonal imbalances in men means. 

While there is a great deal of information for women to learn about men’s hormones, here are some very simple facts that can cover the basics.

  1. “Male” Hormones Are in Women—Just Like “Female” Hormones Are in Men- Men have some estrogens (female hormones) In their bodies just like women have androgens (male hormones) in their system. And these hormones are just as essential in both sexes.
  2. Male Menopause Is Real- Whether you call it andropause, male menopause or just a “midlife crisis” is a very real phenomenon in men that has a hormonal meaning behind it. Testosterone drops about 1 percent every year after the age of 30 for men—and it can cause a range of physical and mental changes over time.
  3. Thyroid Hormone Levels Decrease With Age- After the age of 60, men tend to experience a significant decrease in their thyroid levels, which can cause a number of symptoms such as ED, memory loss and weight gain.
  4. Testosterone Controls A Lot More Than Just Sex Drive- Many people assume that testosterone is responsible for a man’s sex drive. However, it does more than that. This important hormone regulates red blood cell production, muscle mass, fat distribution and more.
  5. Hormonal Imbalances Can Cause a Number of Symptoms- When a man has a hormonal imbalance, they don’t just suffer from a lack of sex-drive. They can struggle with hair loss, anxiety, weight gain, memory loss, depression and more.
  6. Testosterone Doesn’t Cause Aggression- This is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding male hormones—and specifically regarding testosterone. Testosterone is often blamed for male aggression and anger—but studies show that actually isn’t true.

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