Why 75- of NFL Teams Use IV Hydration

Why 75% of NFL Teams Use IV Hydration

When it comes to keeping your body in peak performance condition, very few people know how to keep their body up and functioning quite like NFL players. These premiere athletes put their bodies through rigorous training and need to be able to perform at the top level at all times. This is why so many NFL players have some of the best secrets to keeping their bodies in top shape. One of the many secrets that you will find among NFL teams is that they are relying on IV Hydration therapies to stay on top of their health, to promote better recovery and boost their performance.

According to a recent study, around ¾ of NFL teams “hyper-hydrate” with IV fluids before games. According to this research, many of the head trainers stated that the reason they take these pre-game fluids was to help prevent muscle cramps. The study also noted that a majority of players were the ones that requested the IV treatments.

While a majority of NFL players utilize these treatments before a game, there are many people, including athletes that prefer to use IV hydration after extreme athletic performances to help them with the recovery process.

One of the unique things about using IV therapies like this and hyper-hydration techniques is that there are many different types of fluids that you can put into the IV. Here at LT Men’s Clinics, we have a number of different treatments available for individuals, such as athletes, who want to prevent muscle cramping and help boost their performance. IVs can have electrolytes, B-vitamins, vitamin C and other nutrients in them to help replenish the body. The treatments are quick, easy, painless and come with very few side effects. This is why they have become so popular not only for athletes but for everyday individuals as well, including those that travel often, individuals who want an immune system boost and those who want help recovering from a hangover.

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