Are There Any Health Risks Caused by Testosterone Therapy?

Are you wondering whether there are any health risks caused by testosterone therapy? Individuals seeking treatment from Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic do so for a variety of reasons. The symptoms of low testosterone are varied and can be burdensome. Suffering from lack of sleep, irritability, mood swings and depression, as well as erectile dysfunction, make living with low testosterone levels difficult for any man. A low testosterone clinic can help get your levels back on track.

Are There Any Health Risks Caused By Testosterone Therapy at Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic?

When you visit Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic, you’ll be checked for low testosterone levels to ensure your condition is not caused by an underlying diagnosis. Once the Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic confirms below average levels, you’ll be medicated and put on a continual plan of testosterone management. It’s important to understand if you stop low testosterone center treatments at any given time, side effects or risks will likely subside.

Some of the most common side effects and risks of treatment at low testosterone clinics include

  • Polycythemia (increase in number of red blood cells)
  • Tachycardia (elevated heart rate)
  • Decreased sperm production
  • Water retention
  • Enlarged Prostate

While some of the risks that can occur from Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic treatments are far from desirable, the risk of not treating low levels is even higher. Men with low testosterone tend to live shorter lives. They are also at risk for osteoporosis.

While the decision to treat the condition at Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic is entirely up to the individual, it’s helpful to understand that even the smallest risk of low testosterone clinics treatments can be made even smaller with proper precautions.

Reputable low testosterone clinics will explain in depth the best route for your needs. From there, you can treat your condition successfully and hopefully alleviate some of those pesky symptoms associated with low levels.

Life choices tend to carry a fair share of risks. When it comes to testosterone levels, most low testosterone clinics agree the greatest risk is losing yourself.