Avoid the Holiday Party Hangovers with IV Hydration

The holidays are almost upon is, which means holiday parties are right around the corner. While everyone enjoys the fun that can come with a good holiday party, they can also come with some dreaded hangovers as well. Whether it is your office Christmas party, your friend’s white elephant exchange or your New Year’s Eve bash, hangovers are on the horizon for many people this time of year.

However, what if there was a way to still have your fun at your holiday get-togethers, but not have to worry about the hangover? It is possible with IV hydration therapies—the latest way to cure a hangover unlike any other treatment before.

These treatments are so much more effective than just drinking water or crazy concoctions, and here’s why: they rehydrate and restore the body. In fact, here are some of the most impressive stats on these IV hydration treatments and why they work so well.

They work almost instantly.

It can take hours for fluids to restore a dehydrated body after a hangover. IVs on the other hand, deliver almost immediate results as your body will absorb more of what it needs to fight off your hangover.

Alcohol dehydrates you on a hormonal level, and IV therapies restore that imbalance.

Being dehydrated from alcohol is completely different than being dehydrated from anything else. Alcohol inhibits your body’s anti-diuretic hormones, or the hormones that help you absorb the water from fluids. When this happens, your body wants to push fluids out instead of absorbing them.

Therefore, drinking causes people to urinate more often. An IV drip will rehydrate the body on a much deeper level than just drinking a few glasses of water can, especially after a heavy night of drinking.

IV hydration therapies are filled with vitamins.

What many people don’t realize about IV hydration therapies, is that they aren’t just saline bags, like you would find in an emergency room—they are filled with so much more. These treatments are filled with the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to recover from a hangover. This includes vitamins and electrolytes.

Many people suffer from an extreme vitamin B1 deficiency when hungover, which causes people to be confused and uncoordinated. These IV therapies are filled with important B vitamins to help your system get back and functioning to the way it should be as well.

An IV treatment can help with those awful hangover side effects.

In addition to having vitamins, hangover IV treatments are also filled with important anti-headache, anti-nausea and anti-heartburn treatments in them so that all of those pesky side effects of your hangover will go away and go away quickly.

Here at LT Men’s Clinic, we have you covered when it comes to your holiday party hangovers. Our Hydration Hero IV treatments are designed to help you overcome all types of dehydration issues. Make sure to ask for our Hangover Package which is filled with fluids, electrolytes, and super B vitamins to help get rid of your hangover right away.