How Bio Identical Hormones Helped Oprah’s Menopause

How Bio Identical Hormones Helped Oprah’s Menopause

For millions of women, from all over the world, the changes that come with menopause can be stressful and overwhelming. Menopause is part of life, and it is something that catches many women by surprise. The swollen feet, mood swings, and hot flashes can be persistent and life-altering, but there aren’t many treatments out there that can help with the severity of these side effects. That was until bioidentical hormones started making their way to the market and until women started discovering just how much this treatment could help with their menopause symptoms.

Among the countless women who have found success with this treatment was entertainment icon, Oprah. When the mogul was going through her own battle with menopause, she turned to bioidentical hormone treatments and found they could help her with her experience with this change. According to a piece in her own magazine, O, Winfrey states that she had issues for two years, that she always suspected were hormonal. Eventually, she decided to go to a doctor that specializes in hormone therapy.

After just one day on bioidentical estrogen, Winfrey saw a significant difference, and after three days she states the treatment helped with her mood, mind, and memory. For Winfrey, the treatment worked better than she ever expected.

According to Winfrey, she isn’t necessarily recommending that all women start using bio-identical hormone therapy to improve their quality of life or to treat menopause, but she is encouraging women to take the same step she did—and see a hormone specialist.

Here at – LT Men’s Clinic, we couldn’t agree more. Bioidentical hormone therapy is designed to mimic the exact hormones that occur naturally in your body.

However, not everyone needs bioidentical hormones, especially if they already have normal hormone levels. If you are starting to experience menopausal or pre-menopausal symptoms, then visiting a hormone specialist such as the pros here at LT Men’s Clinic, can be a great way to see if hormones can help you start feeling like yourself again. These treatments are prescribed after your hormone levels have been checked so you can get the exact dosage and type of hormones that your body needs.