Botox for Sweating: Hyperhidrosis

Botox for Sweating: Hyperhidrosis

There are many people out there who naturally struggle with serious excess sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. Many times, people with this condition sweat excessively from the palms, or under the arms, and struggle to find any solution that can help keep the sweating at bay.

This condition can cause any person to be self-conscious and it can impact their social and professional interactions. This type of sweating occurs even when it is not hot out and it causes so much sweat that antiperspirants don’t work causing many people often drip sweat or sweat through their clothes.

The good news is, there is a solution that can help people dealing with hyperhidrosis get their sweating under control. This solution is Botox injections.

While many people know of Botox as a treatment to help with wrinkles, it is also FDA-approved for those who sweat excessively from their armpits. Botox works by blocking the nerves responsible for activating your sweat glands. When you struggle from hyperhidrosis, the nerves that signal these sweat glands are overactive, which is why people with this condition sweat excessively even when it isn’t hot out.

When you get a Botox injection directly in this area that over-sweats, the nerves essentially become paralyzed, so they can’t sweat in this area — even when the nerves send a signal. This treatment is meant for specific areas and will only prevent sweating in areas where the Botox is injected, not throughout the body.

While Botox injections are designed for underarm sweating, they can be used in other areas of the body to prevent excessive sweating in areas such as the forehead or the palms. The injection typically works for about 4-6 months before you will need to come in for another injection—but it can vary from patient to patient.

The good news is, these injections are quick, easy and come from a very small needle. This makes them relatively painless. You can be in and out in a matter of minutes and quickly get on with your day. You don’t have to continue to struggle with embarrassing excess sweat—Botox can help.

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