Can Alcohol Consumption Affect Testosterone Levels?

While many people know that excessive alcohol consumption can come with a number of effects on your health, and your liver, one of the many questions that men tend to have about alcohol consumption is what it can do to their testosterone levels. So, can alcohol consumption impact your testosterone levels? The answer is “yes.”

Want to know exactly what alcohol consumption can do to your testosterone levels? Here’s how it impacts your body’s ability to produce this important hormone.

When you consume alcohol, your body needs to work overtime in processing that alcohol and breaking it down. As your system focuses on this job, your liver is working overtime. This means your liver may not be able to focus on one of its other main jobs: breaking down hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

In short, when you consume alcohol, your testosterone production isn’t going to be as high as when you aren’t drinking. Some men, are able to still maintain their normal testosterone levels while regularly consuming alcohol. However, if you are struggling with low T, one of the first things you should do is to completely eliminate alcohol, or cut back dramatically, and see if it impacts your T levels.  Once you do, you can see how your body reacts.

An alcohol fast is a great way to give your body a break from alcohol and allow your system to reset. You can do your liver a great service by giving it a reprieve from breaking down alcohol and allowing it to focus on other important tasks.

Even just 30 days alcohol-free can go a long way in helping your body regain its normal hormone levels. Proper testosterone levels are essential for your health and well-being and something as simple as a fast from alcohol can go a long way in helping your body produce testosterone like it is supposed to.

You can also have a hormone test done to check your current testosterone levels and see if you may requires hormone therapy treatments to get your levels back up to where they should be. For more information on how to get one of these hormone tests, give LT Men’s Clinic a call at 817-369-3605 to schedule a consultation.