Can Working Out Boost Your Testosterone

Can Working Out Boost Your Testosterone?

Low testosterone is a serious condition that impacts millions of men today. Low testosterone can impact a man’s sex drive, energy, and even their weight and muscle mass. Low testosterone is also linked to many mental health conditions, including depression.

Low testosterone can happen to men of all ages and backgrounds, but the good news is that there are a few different things that can help naturally encourage your body to produce testosterone. The more muscle you have and the less fat, the more likely it is that your body will start producing normal testosterone levels.

Working out is a great way to not only get healthier but to help put your body in the right position for producing more testosterone. If you want to start working out in a way that can help you boost your testosterone, here are a few forms of exercise to consider that can be particularly helpful when it comes to boosting testosterone levels.

  • Weightlifting-The more lean muscle mass in the body, the more the body will be able to produce a healthy amount of testosterone. Weightlifting is one of the best forms of exercise to consider. Men considering this form of exercise shouldn’t worry as much about lifting as heavy of weight as possible, but regularly lifting to tone their muscles and decrease fat.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)-HIIT is another form of exercise that has been shown to boost testosterone levels. This is a great form of cardio exercise to perform on days when you aren’t lifting. It will boost your cardiovascular health and enhance testosterone levels at the same time. It will also help burn away fat—another key aspect in promoting healthy testosterone levels.
  • Jogging-Running and jogging has always been a great form of exercise and one that people can do for their entire lives. One of the best parts about jogging is that it can help promote long lean muscles, get rid of unwanted fat and boost cardiovascular health—all things that can help the body with its testosterone production.

In addition to helping you boost your testosterone levels, men who workout regularly are also less likely to have testosterone issues in the first place.  The more muscle you have, the higher your testosterone levels tend to be. Also, research has found a link between obesity and low testosterone—meaning you can not only help boost your dwindling testosterone levels with exercise, but you may also be able to prevent low testosterone from impacting you again.

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