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Feeling Stressed? It Could Be Low T

Feeling stressed? You aren’t alone.

While millions of Americans describe themselves as being stressed regularly, stress is not normal and it is something that can wreak havoc on the body, and manifest in physical ways. For many men, that physical manifestation may come in the form of low T.

The bad news is, this is becoming an unfortunately common, but preventable issue for many men. The good news is, you can fix this problem with lifestyle changes and the right hormone treatment.

Let’s Start With a Little Bit About Low T

For many men, the thought of having low testosterone, or low T, seems like an unwelcome sign of growing older. However, while low t is an unfortunately common condition in many men, it is not a “normal” sign of aging. In fact, it’s not “normal” at all.

While men naturally start producing slightly less testosterone as they grow older, having numbers that would equate to low T is not normal. Low T means there is a problem with your hormones and is a much more complex issue than just “aging.” And one of the many unwelcome side effects of an issue with low T is stress.

The Relationship Between Low T and Stress

Most people already know that stress is bad for the body. It can manifest in your weight, your skin, and your mood. However, it is particularly hard on your hormones.

When it comes to stress and testosterone, the two are linked much more than many people may expect and they can cause a vicious cycle of issues in the body. This is because stress can lower testosterone levels, and low testosterone levels can lead to stress—making it nearly impossible to get rid of either problem without intervention.

Low T can also lead to other side effects that can impact your overall quality of life, including issues with libido, losing muscle mass, fatigue and more. And these issues can be remedied with normal testosterone levels.

Here at LT Men’s Clinic, we know just how detrimental low T and stress can be on the body. This is why, if you are experiencing issues with stress, it is important that you make an appointment with our office right away. We can help diagnose your stress issues and figure out the root of your problems.

If low T is to blame for your cycle of stress, we can help you with patches, creams, shots or pellets to help you regain normal, healthy testosterone levels. It all starts with a blood test and determining the root cause of your issue.

If you would like to make an appointment with our team to get a better look at your testosterone levels or to get help with your ongoing stress issues, contact the experts here at LT Men’s Clinic. You can call our office today at (817)369-3605 to make an appointment with our team and get to the bottom of your stress issue for good.