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How Do I Know When I’m Starting Menopause?

Menopause is one of the most significant changes that a woman will go through in their lives. Menopause happens when you do not have a period for a year straight without a medical reason behind it. Menopause occurs because female sex hormone levels naturally decrease as you get older, meaning your ovaries eventually stop releasing eggs. Once you reach menopause, you will no longer be able to have periods or get pregnant.

While menopause is a natural part of aging, it happens at different times for different women, which is why many females want to know the signs of when they may be starting menopause.

Typically, women start to notice some “changes” in the months before beginning menopause, although some women see changes years in advance. There are even some women who start going through menopause without any symptoms at all. Here are the most common warning signs that the “big change” may be upon you.

  • Your periods start to become irregular. This is one of the most common signs of menopause. And your periods may change in heaviness as well.
  • Being forgetful. Sudden forgetfulness often accompanies many women’s pre-menopausal symptoms.
  • Hot flashes. These are another very common symptom of menopause. Hot flashes will suddenly make you feel extremely hot for no reason and then stop as quickly as it started. Some women find their skin flushes red and an increased heart rate during hot flashes.
  • Trouble sleeping. Many women starting to go through menopause will experience trouble sleeping. This includes waking up in the middle of the night or having issues going back to sleep. Some women also struggle with night sweats.
  • Mood swings. If you are experiencing unexplained mood swings, then this can be a sign of menopause. Some women find their existing depression or anxiety worsen during menopause.

If you are thinking you may be going through menopause or about to go through menopause, then you should contact your doctor about the next steps to help make this process more manageable. If you have questions about these changes or are worried you may be going through another hormonal issue, then contact the experts here at LT Men’s Clinic today. You can give us a call at 817-369-3605 to schedule an appointment today.