avoid overindulgence

How to Have Your Pie and Eat It, Too

It’s the hap-happiest season of all! There are lots of reasons for that: being with loved ones, making happy memories, seeing the beautiful decorations, and, of course, the food!

If you love figgy pudding and roasted chestnuts as much as we do, here are some easy ways to enjoy holiday treats without overindulging and feeling sick afterwards.

Pace Yourself

There are a few reasons why this is helpful. For one thing, it typically takes your brain 20 minutes to recognize that you’re full and tell you to stop eating. When you slow down your pace, you’re giving your brain time to register whether you’re full or not. Another reason that pacing yourself can help is that we often confuse hunger with dehydration. Sometimes when we feel hungry, it’s actually our body telling us to drink up. Before you fill your plate with seconds, drink a full glass of water and relax for a few minutes. You might find that after those few minutes, your stomach is quite happy with its current contents.

No Skipping Meals

We might be tempted to think that if we skip the meal before a big holiday gathering, we’ll eat less overall that day. The truth is that when we skip meals, we end up eating more overall. Oh, and you know the adage “Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry”? You can apply it to holiday parties, too. Of course you don’t want to have an entire meal right before you go, but try eating a little snack before the party and you’ll be less likely to overindulge once you’re there. Great snacks include almonds, cheese, even a little turkey. Try to find healthy snacks that are high in protein, since these will help you feel full and can minimize spikes in blood sugar levels.

Use a Smaller Plate and a Taller Glass

We’re not kidding…this actually works. If you put the same amount of food on a small plate and a large plate, your brain assumes that the larger plate has less food because it’s not as full as the small plate. So, when you can, use the small plate. The same principle applies to glassware. A tall, thin glass will make your brain think that you’re actually drinking more than when you use a short, fat glass. Use this trick when you’re drinking sugary or alcoholic drinks this season (your body will thank you later!).

Be a Snob

If you don’t absolutely love it, leave it be. When it comes to holidays meals, most people tend to put a little bit of everything on their plate. But a little bit goes a long way—especially when it comes to decadent meals with tons of options—and the food soon piles up. If you limit the contents of your plate to the foods you genuinely look forward to the most this time of year, you’d probably have a lot less on your plate. As a result, you’ll feel satisfied and full (but not sick).

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