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Hydration Hero: Concoctions for Wellness

LT Men’s Clinic has partnered with Hydration Hero to bring you the benefits of IV hydration! Athletes, hospitals, and the military have been using IV hydration for years. The effects are fast acting and the absorption rate is 100%, as opposed to the 50–60% absorption that’s typical for oral supplements. But why is IV hydration so effective? Well, more often than not, dehydration is the root cause of our symptoms. Replenishing our bodies with electrolytes, vitamins, and fluids can help us bounce back more quickly than we could otherwise.

Hydration Hero offers packages that are tailored to what you need, whether you have the flu or are recovering from jet lag. Here are some of the Hydration Hero packages you can find at LT Men’s Clinic.

Basic Package

This is the simplest of the packages that we offer. A lot of people just don’t hydrate enough during the day (the average adult male should be drinking around 16 cups of water each day, and the average adult woman should be drinking about 11 cups). The Basic package helps you restore your fluid and electrolyte levels to where they should be and help you feel better because of it.

Athletic Performance

You need energy to perform, and that’s where the Athletic Performance package comes in. In this package, we combine the benefits of the Basic package (electrolytes and fluids) with the power of a Super B shot. The Super B shot helps promote the conversion of carbs to glucose, and the glucose is then converted into energy by your cells (this process is commonly referred to as metabolism).

Jet Lag & Fatigue

This package has three components: oxygen, a Super B shot, and an anti-inflammatory. Between the recycled dry air and airborne germs, airplanes can be a recipe for inflammation and a weakened immune system. The anti-inflammatory relieves you of discomfort and headaches while the oxygen helps you regain your focus. Finally, the Super B shot helps to boost your body’s energy and defenses.

Hangover Cure

If your late night of partying is keeping you out of the office, the Hangover Cure may help you out. On top of dehydrating the body, drinking alcohol can leave a person feeling sleepy, sick, and confused. The Hangover Cure addresses all of these symptoms by first replenishing your fluid levels and rehydrating the body, then helping you feel more alert and focused with a combination of oxygen and medications.

The Myers Cocktail

Back in the 1960s, a physician named Dr. John Myers from Johns Hopkins realized that the majority of nutrients we ingest never make it to the bloodstream. What’s one way to fix that? Using intravenous injections to get those vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream itself.

This approach bypasses the body’s systems that usually interfere with the absorption of important nutrients. Dr. Myers found that many of these nutrients were already being administered using intravenous methods, but he took the research one step further and created an elixir by combining these vitamins and minerals into one formula including magnesium, vitamin C, a few B vitamins, and calcium. Today, we call that formula the Myers Cocktail, and it can help with conditions ranging from migraines and asthma to hyperthyroidism and more.

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