Why IV Hydration is Better Than Drinking Water When You’re Hungover

Why IV Hydration is Better Than Drinking Water When You’re Hungover

If you have ever experienced the excruciating side effects that come with being hungover, then you know just how terrible they can be. Chances are you also know that finding that elusive “hangover cure” is also paramount. Everyone has their own magic solution for hangovers, yet most of these treatments often fail to really help anyone feel as good as they want to. Ultimately, time, rest and water are the only things that really make any difference.

The good news is—we have a solution that actually works, it is called IV Hydration and we are more than happy to tell you why it is even better than water for those nasty hangovers.

  1. It Works Faster

One of the many reasons that drinking water doesn’t work for most people when they are hungover is because people just don’t stick with it. When you are really hungover, you need a lot of water to help you feel better. The longer you are dehydrated, the longer your hangover is going to last. With IV Hydration you begin getting hydrated immediately. The fluids are going directly into your bloodstream and gets to work right away.

  1. You Get More Electrolytes

When you are dehydrated, you need more than pure water, you also need electrolytes. This is why many people enjoy drinks like Gatorade, when they are hungover. However, Gatorade can dehydrate you more since it has so much sugar. The fastest way to get electrolytes is through IV therapy and our IV Hydration treatment is brimming with the electrolytes that you need.

  1. IV Hydration Can Help with Nausea

For most people who experience hangovers, the worst part about being hungover is nausea that comes with it. Our treatments do have an anti-nausea additive.

IV Hydration treatments can help treat nausea that often comes with hangovers. Also, IV fluids are given intravenously, meaning they bypass your sensitive digestive system and won’t make you more nauseous.

  1. You Can Enjoy Hangover-Fighting Extras

With IV Hydration, you won’t get the fluids you need, you will get extras like minerals, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. As a result, you won’t only feel more hydrated, but you will feel rested, restored and rejuvenated—maybe even ready to take on another night of fun.

Interested in IV Hydration? Here at LT Men’s Clinic, we have you covered as we proudly offer these treatments right in our office. Finally, you can put away those old secret family hangover recipes and finally find a solution that works with IV Hydration treatments.