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Jet Lagged? Here’s a Quick Fix

Maybe you’ve experienced it before. After spending hours in a plane and crossing time zones, your body’s internal clock gets confused and needs to reset. Until it can do that, though, you’re at the mercy of the monster known as jet lag. Maybe you get headaches or feel fatigued or lethargic. You might get insomnia or feel more irritable than normal. Some people feel dizzy and disoriented. But whatever the symptoms, jet lag is no fun. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it.

Before we get into that, though, let’s make sure we understand what jet lag is. Technically, it’s a temporary sleep disorder. Jet lag is what happens when several of the body’s cycles get out of sync with our surroundings. Some of these cycles include our sleep-wake pattern (i.e., our natural circadian rhythm), our working schedule, and our eating schedule.

So what can you do to evade jet lag? For one thing, your age matters. Children have a much easier time recovering from jet lag than adults do, and the symptoms tend to be milder the younger you are. But our age isn’t something we have control over, so what are some factors that we can control? Healthiness is a big one. The better you take care of your body (and we mean a combination of diet, exercise, and the proper amount of sleep), the lighter your symptoms will be. Dehydration is a big one, too—during the flight, be sure to drink up. Water is best, and avoiding caffeinated beverages and alcohol will help.

If those don’t work, or if you find that you’re jet lagged anyway, what can you do then? That’s where our Jet Lag & Fatigue IV hydration package comes in. Here’s what’s included and how it will help.


When you’re in an airplane, you’re probably getting a lot less oxygen because the cabin pressure of an aircraft is much lower than when you’re on land. As a result, your brain gets less oxygen. This alone can make people feel drowsy and can worsen jet lag symptoms. We include oxygen in our package to help you restore your depleted oxygen levels more quickly than what the body could do on its own.


Jet lag can weaken your immune system, and when you’re traveling, a sluggish immune system is the last thing you need. Airports are busy, crowded places with lots of people and lots of germs. Our anti-inflammatory gives your body a boost to help you fight off all those airborne pathogens you came in contact with.

Super B Shot

We talked about the Super B shot in our post about Hydration Hero’s Athletic Performance package. This shot helps multiple systems in the body, including your cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems.

If jet lag has got you down, get back up with Hydration Hero’s Jet Lag & Fatigue package! Call us at (817) 416-5698 today to schedule your appointment.


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