alcohol and rehydration

Party Hard, Recover Fast

Maybe you know the feeling. You wake up after an awesome night of shenanigans with friends, and life hits you like a ton of bricks. You’re parched and your head is pounding. The sun is too bright, the world is too loud, and all you want to do is crawl under the covers and hibernate until the feeling’s gone.

Hangovers can be a nuisance at best, and crippling at worst. But we’ve got news for you—you don’t have to suffer through it. The reason why hangovers feel so terrible is that your body is incredibly dehydrated. Rehydrating after a night of partying can be tough, since it’s hard to keep anything down. Luckily, drinking fluids isn’t the only way to rehydrate.

Why Does Drinking Cause Dehydration, Anyway?

There are a couple of reasons.

For one thing, alcohol decreases the production of the antidiuretic hormone (ADH). ADH is the hormone that helps your kidneys manage your body’s water content; it tells your kidneys when to conserve water. When you drink alcohol and ADH production is slowed, your kidneys don’t know to conserve water, so they produce more urine instead.

For another thing, sometimes a night of partying results in your spending the night next to the toilet. Vomiting almost always results in dehydration, and if you’re already dehydrated from drinking alcohol, throwing up will only make it worse.

So what can you do to stay hydrated?

During the Party

The easiest thing to do is to try and switch it up. Drink a glass of water in-between glasses of alcohol. Snacking also helps, and the best snacks are fruits and veggies that have a high water content, like watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, and celery. You could also use fruits and veggies as garnishes for your drink. Opt for sparkling water instead of tonic, or go for a cocktail that uses coconut water.

When the Party’s Over

Like we said earlier, drinking fluids isn’t the only way to rehydrate your body. IV hydration is the fastest way to get back on your feet after a night of partying. When you drink fluids, your body is only able to absorb about half of what you consume. IV hydration, on the other hand, boasts a 100% absorption rate. That means that you know your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs, and quickly.

At Hydration Hero, we offer a Hangover Cure package that includes the liquids, electrolytes, meds, and oxygen your body needs to help you feel better fast. While the liquids and electrolytes rehydrate your body, the meds and oxygen alleviate your headache and leave you feeling more alert and focused.

Don’t let one fun night spoil the day afterwards! We’ll help you make a speedy recovery with our Hangover Cure package. Give us a call at (817) 416-5698 today to schedule your appointment.