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Sleep Apnea Treatment And Weight Loss

Sleep apnea is a very serious condition that makes it difficult for impacted individuals to breathe while they are sleeping through the night. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, then you want to make sure that you explore your options on different treatment solutions. One of the most common treatments is CPAP therapy, which is designed to keep your airways open while you sleep. This is the “sleep mask” treatment that has helped many people with sleep apnea to get the results they have been looking for.

However, new studies into CPAP for sleep apnea treatment have found that it may also help with weight loss. This is not only great for anyone looking to drop a few pounds for aesthetic reasons, but it can also help with treatment as well. Anywhere from 60-90% of individuals with sleep apnea are also overweight. This means maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight is an important part of your sleep apnea treatment.

A recent study from the University of Arkansas actually looked at the effects of CPAP sleep apnea treatments and the impact it had one weight loss, finding that the CPAP group lost an average of 6 pounds more than any other group. They also found that CPAP therapy could help reduce belly fat, or visceral fat, even if participants didn’t experience significant overall weight loss. Losing visceral fat is important because it is linked to other healthcare issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

This is important as sleep apnea symptoms can actually make it harder to lose weight. The lack of sleep from this condition not only makes it hard for you to want to workout, but it can impact your hormones, including your hunger hormones, making it extremely difficult to shed those extra pounds. The good news is, the CPAP can help.

Since there is such a connection between sleep apnea and weight, finding that sleep apnea CPAP treatment can also help with weight is a promising outlook. More studies are still being done on this correlation, but it serves as an important reminder that you should make an effort to maintain a healthy weight as you use different sleep apnea treatments to help get this condition under control.

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