Women Need Testosterone Too

Wait… Women Need Testosterone Too?

While many men know about the impact that testosterone can have on their health and their life—this hormone is much more complicated than many people think. It actually does more than help men with their sex life and building muscle—it is an essential hormone for both men and women.

Women also need testosterone. It can help increase libido, promotes healthy muscles, moderate mood, and boost energy levels. Women need testosterone, just like men do, and the more that women know about testosterone and its impact on their health, the easier it can be to spot an issue with testosterone so they can get healthy once and for all.

Here are some crucial facts about testosterone every woman should know.

  • Female testosterone is made in the ovaries and the adrenal glands.
  • Testosterone and estrogen are related in the body and both very important to health.
  • Women have about 20 times less testosterone in their bodies than men do.
  • Low testosterone levels are linked to depression.
  • Low testosterone in women can diminish a woman’s sex drive, and most commonly happens after menopause.
  • Women with low testosterone are much more likely to have fragile bones as testosterone promotes healthy bone and muscle growth.

While low testosterone in women can be a serious issue, it is one that can be treated with the right hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement can help some women cope with the symptoms of low T and help them regain the hormonal balance that they need to be healthier. However, you should make sure that your testosterone treatments are regulated by a professional so that women don’t have too much testosterone, which can come with side effects.

The good news is, the experts here at LT Men’s Clinic can help women get this proper balance. It all starts with a blood test that can help determine what your actual hormone levels are so that the right treatment can be prescribed.

If you have questions about testosterone and how it can impact women, then contact LT Men’s Clinic today. You can call us directly to make an appointment at 817-369-3605 and get in to speak to one of our experts to learn more. Our team can help you learn more about testosterone, its benefits, and help you determine if you may be a candidate for hormone treatments in the future.