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5 Benefits of Testosterone for Men and Women

Many people think that testosterone is only a hormone for men—it is actually important for both men and women.

While men still produce and have much more testosterone in their bodies than women, females still need this hormone as well. If you have a lack of testosterone in the body, it can impact your health no matter what gender you may be. This is why it is so important to understand some of these key benefits of testosterone so you can determine how testosterone can help you.

  • Better Heart Health

A healthy amount of testosterone can help make sure that you have a healthy heart and blood. Low testosterone levels are linked to different cardiovascular risks. Those with health testosterone levels are actually proven to be less likely to have a heart attack and less likely to experience a stroke.

  • A Leaner Figure

Testosterone is one of the hormones responsible for building muscle mass. And while too much testosterone can cause you to get bulky—a healthy amount of testosterone can help you develop a leaner, more muscular body and hold on to less fat. Of course, this needs to be paired with strength training, exercise and a healthy diet as well.

  • Improved Libido

Testosterone is an important sexual hormone, and studies show that testosterone therapy can benefit sexual health and performance. Those who are struggling with libido may find that introducing testosterone into their system can help improve their sex drive as well—something that many people struggle with as they age.

  • Better Memory and Reasoning

While many people know that testosterone can impact muscles and sex drive, it does more than this. There is strong evidence that correlates testosterone with better verbal memory, spatial abilities and mathematic reasoning. In fact, many studies have even been done on the hormone as it relates to Alzheimer’s disease.

  • A Better Mood

Let’s be honest, who couldn’t benefit from an improved mood? Low testosterone in men can be shown to cause depression, fatigue and irritability. Improper testosterone levels in women can also greatly throw off their hormonal balances causing irritability, mood swings and depression. However, many who undergo testosterone treatments report improvements in mood and well-being.

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