Debunking the Myths Surrounding Low T in Men

Low testosterone is a common problem in men, especially those over the age of 40. If you are experiencing symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping, lack of energy or decreased sex drive, a visit to Low T Men’s Clinic can determine if these difficulties are caused by hormones. You might have heard about this problem from a friend or in the news, but chances are you have also encountered some of the myths surrounding the condition. Here are a few.

Low T Is Something Old Men Suffer From

While it is true age is a factor, LT Men’s Clinic is able to help men who are still in their 30s with their diagnosis of testosterone replacement therapies. Age is only one of the many issues that can affect the production of testosterone. If you are experiencing symptoms, a visit to Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic is in order, regardless of your age.

It’s Not Really a Health Problem

You might think low T is just something that zaps your energy, causing no real harm but studies have shown that it is linked to type 2 diabetes, increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and symptoms like nocturia, abdominal obesity, poorer sleep and depression symptoms. Visit LT Men’s Clinic to get a start on a healthier life.

Most Men Don’t Have to Worry about Hormones

Low Testosterone is a much more common problem than most people realize. Up to 40 percent of men over the age of 45 experience problems with Low T. LT Men’s Clinic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps many men who are trying to find a way to recapture their energy, sex drive and endurance levels. Each year, increasing numbers of men turn to Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic to help them recover their youthful vigor.

Low Testosterone Only Affects Your Sex Drive

While, for most men, a decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction are two of the most concerning symptoms, other difficulties can arise from low Testosterone. It can cause you to gain weight, especially in the waistline. It also reduces muscle density and mass. Finally, along with the fatigue and poor energy levels, it increases irritability, mood swings and even depression.

A visit to Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic can determine whether you suffer from low testosterone and offer treatment if it is needed. Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic’ therapy specializes in giving you a much-needed pep back in your step.

Stop listening to the myths. Get the facts and the help you need at Low Testosterone Men’s Clinic today.