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Why Our Hangover Cure Is So Effective

Summer is here! It’s time for outdoor music festivals, vacations, hitting up the beach, or maybe just sitting back and enjoying a few cold ones in the Texas heat. We talked about how drinking causes dehydration in this article, but today we’re talking about how we cure the hangover that inevitably follows. We do that with our Hangover Cure Package. Here’s what’s in it and how it helps:


One of the biggest contributing factors to a hangover is dehydration. Trying to rehydrate by drinking fluids can help, but it’s not as effective as IV hydration because the body can only absorb about 50–60% of what you intake orally. With IV hydration, the fluids go right into your bloodstream, so you benefit from 100% absorption—that means you’re getting hydrated faster, which means your hangover will go away faster.


Electrolytes are nutrients or ions that are electrically charged. Some of the more commonly known ones are potassium and calcium.

One way that potassium helps the body is by regulating water levels in the cells, which then affects how the body functions as a whole. When alcohol travels through your bloodstream, it flushes out electrolytes in your body and throws off the body’s ionic balance. This means, among other things, that you don’t have the potassium you need to regulate water levels in the cells, and as a result, your organs can’t function as well as they could if they were hydrated.

Drinking alcohol doesn’t directly affect calcium levels, but the side effects do. For example, heavy drinking can hurt the liver, and the liver produces an enzyme that the body needs to absorb calcium. Less calcium means weaker bones, which can open the door for conditions like osteoporosis.

As part of our Hangover Package, we supply your body with the electrolytes it’s missing. To learn more about how electrolytes affect the body, check out the “Electrolytes” section in this article.


We add a few meds to our Hangover Cure package to help the discomfort subside while your body recovers. These just minimize the pain and the pounding headache while your body absorbs the other elements of the Hangover Cure. By the time the meds wear off, your body should be feeling loads better, courtesy of the additional fluids, electrolytes, and oxygen.


Oxygen plays a vital role in helping your body break down alcohol, and it takes three oxygen molecules to break down one molecule of alcohol. That means the more oxygen you have in your system, the faster your body can get rid of the alcohol and the sooner your body can recover.

Besides breaking down the alcohol, oxygen offers lots of other benefits for the body—you know, besides keeping you alive. It helps your cells create energy, strengthens your immune system, and can increase alertness (and goodness knows those are all things we could use after a hangover).

Feel better quick with our Hangover Cure package! Call us at (817) 416-5698 today to schedule your appointment.