Why IV Hydration Should Be Your Pre-Workout

Why IV Hydration Should Be Your Pre-Workout

Most people know the value of a good workout and the benefit that can come from regular, vigorous exercise. However, in order to make the most out of your workout, it is important to take the right steps before and after you exercise to get the most out of the experience. Before your workout, this means doing things like stretching, warming up and of course staying hydrated. This is why we are helping our clients understand the benefits of using IV hydration as part of their pre-workout regimen.

While the average person doing a simple gym workout doesn’t need to utilize something like IV hydration for a spin class, if you are planning on engaging in intense activities such as races, competitions or sporting events, then IV hydration may be for you. While many professional athletes have already been using this form of hydration to help prepare their bodies for the physical demands of their job, you too may want to consider this IV treatment before your workout.

Here are a few reasons why IV hydration should be part of your pre-workout routine:

  • It can help boost energy levels naturally
  • IV hydration can decrease recovery time and help boost muscle repair
  • It infiltrates the body with amino acids to help with muscle recovery
  • These treatments not only help increase energy during the workout but help with athletic recovery afterward
  • Helps augment red blood cell production while regulating sleep, mood and appetite cycles all of which can help with the entire workout and recovery process
  • It helps prevent muscle fatigue and dehydration

If you want to keep your body at peak performance level during your workouts, these IV hydration treatments can help keep you healthy, hydrated and ready to take on the demands of your workout. Your body needs to be as hydrated as possible to keep up with the demands of extreme physical activities, but unfortunately, the average person is not as hydrated as they should be, even if they drink water regularly. IV hydration treatments can help change that and leave you ready to take on your physical activities while preventing you from dealing with cramps, illness, dehydration, muscle strain and pain and more.

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