Jet Lag Relief With Hydration Hero

Jet Lag Relief with Hydration Hero

Anyone who frequently travels abroad knows that nothing is as frustrating as dealing with jet lag. Whether you are coming home from a long trip or just making it to an exciting destination, when jet lag hits, it can feel impossible to do anything but sleep. Jet lag can hang around for days making you tired and sluggish, giving you headaches and causing you to be irritable and making it impossible to focus.

While you may think that there is nothing you can do to combat jet lag, the good news is with IV hydration therapies, you can actually get the extra boost you need to get over your jet lag issues and quickly feel like yourself again. While many people assume that IV hydration therapy is only for things like getting over hangovers, there is more than that to these hydration therapies.

Here at LT Men’s Clinics, we proudly offer a specially formulated IV therapy designed specifically with jet lag in mind. Dehydration is a major factor during travel. Spending hours in un-humidified airplane cabins, lack of sleep and general stress when it comes to traveling can all leave you dehydrated. Plus, many people who take long trips like this are inevitably going to put themselves at risk for catching colds and illnesses that creep around in planes.

We are here to help with all of these services in our jet-lag package. This IV hydration treatment not only has the fluids to help rehydrate you after a dehydrating flight, but it is also filled with electrolytes to give you an extra boost and has anti-inflammatories. This jet leg package also comes with 30 minutes of oxygen and a super B shot of B vitamins. Since we know that jet-lag can also compromise your immune system, you can easily add one of the à la carte add-ons to this package and get a super dose of Vitamin C to help boost the immune system after your flight.

This IV hydration therapy can help you get over all of the stress that you have placed on your body following travel and get you back to feeling like yourself again. There is no easier way to bounce back after a taxing trip than with this quick, yet effective IV hydration treatment.

If you are interested in our Hydration hero treatments or learning more about what IV hydration can do for you, call LT Men’s Clinic at 817-369-3506 to schedule an appointment.