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Can Weight Loss Improve Your Sex Life?

There are many men today who struggle with certain issues that impede their healthy sex life. Impotence and low sex drive can make it hard to maintain a healthy sex life with your partner. However, what many men don’t realize is that their weight may actually have an impact on their low sex drive and that losing weight can actually improve their current sex life.

According to the American Urological Association, men who suffer from obesity are also much more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction or E.D. Obesity is also a contributor to low testosterone production, or low T. When the body does not have enough testosterone in the system it can lead to a number of issues, including low sex drive.

The interesting thing about the link between obesity and low T is that studies have also found that weight loss can help reverse some of these effects. While obesity may not be the only cause of low T, it can be a big contributor. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index, or BMI can actually cause the body to start producing testosterone at higher levels again.

This is why many men who undergo dramatic weight loss, especially when they were classified as obese (having a BMI or 30 or more) find that their sex drive and their sex lives vastly improve. In general, low T is the major cause of sexual performance and sex drive issues in men today. However, there may be more to blame for these low testosterone levels than just weight.

If you are struggling with a low sex drive and are interested in determining whether or not a hormone imbalance may be your issue, come into LT Men’s Clinic for more information on low T. Millions of men today suffer from low T and find that it drastically impacts their sex drive. Weight loss can be the key to helping your body produce more testosterone, but that may not be enough.

Our team of experts can do a complete exam and determine where your testosterone levels fall. If you are diagnosed with low T, we can help you explore a bevy of treatment options ranging from at-home creams to weekly injections, nightly patches or even pellets that are administered every few months.

Low T from hormonal imbalances or weight gain shouldn’t prevent you from having the sex life you want. Schedule a consultation with LT Men’s Clinic by calling (817) 369-3605 today so you can find out the best way to get your sex life back on track.